Swapnista Charlotte!

I had a blast hosting Swapnista Charlotte last week!! Thanks to everyone that came out and a special thanks to the lovely Keren Charles for allowing me to host the event here in Charlotte. The ladies had a great time getting their swap on and we even had a surprise visit by Mr. Goodwill Hunting! Check out a few pics below. You can also view my album on facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4844726723177.2194340.1447143502&type=3

My lovely friend and support Ave’ with her beautiful daughter!

women be shopping!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting came by to show his support! It was great meeting him!

The lovely Hera of http://www.heranyx.com was there! Check out the blog. She’s fab!

Overall, the event was great. I can’t wait for my next event. Stay tuned!!!


Swapnista, the Designer Fashion Swap party will hit Charlotte, next Saturday, October 13th. Ladies, gather your fashionably clothes that you no longer have use for and swap them with other fashionable women!!

Swapnista is a great way to add new pieces to your wardrobe!. Each participant should bring 3 pieces to swap and in return will be able to shop the Swapnista boutique for 3 fashionable pieces (clothes and/or shoes). I attended the Atlanta Swapnista event in April and had a blast. Get your tickets now at http://www.swapnistacharlottenc.eventbrite.com/

For pictures and more information about Swapnista, check out the blog at http://www.swapnista.com


Happy Labor Day!

I’ve been MIA for a minute, but I’m ready to get back into business. I hope everyone is having a great labor day! I just have a few random pics I wanted to post. Hope you enjoy!!

I recently took this picture while getting ready to celebrate my cousin’s birthday at Bull and Barrister’s. The blouse is from Forever 21 and the jeans are thrifted Gloria Vanderbilt. Shoes by Guess.

 This is a picture of me on my birthday back in August at Delta’s restaurant in Charlotte. This dress was thrifted and given to me by my sister two years ago! The gorgeous sling back shoes were a birthday gift from BCBG!

My client Tiffany Harriston looking gorgeous; carrying a fabulous clutch purchased at a Fashionably Me boutique party!

My friend Kiki at a hair show looking fab in Gap jeans purchased from The Fashionably Me boutique! I love how she paired this colorful jacket with leopard print pumps!

This is an ensemble to put together for a date night. I forgot to snap some pics once I got dressed, but I think I looked rather cute in the denim pencil skirt. I’ve had it for years!

My Local Features

Hi girlies,

A few weeks ago, I told you that I was featured on two local radio station websites; Praise 100.9 and My 92.7.   The feature was posted this week! I am forever grateful to Brandi Williams of StudioBPR for doing the feature. Thanks so much Brandi! And shout out to my son, Cori for snapping the shots!


You can check out the features here:



This past Saturday, my sister and I went on a 2 mile walk/run. On the way back, we noticed a yard sale in our neighborhood (yes we live in the SAME neighborhood). From a distance, we didn’t think we would find anything interesting. I took a few dollars with me  just in case. Sure enough I lucked up on a few cool necklaces. I wore this one to a cook out later that afternoon.

Shirt: thrifted-Bargain Hunters, Jeans:Banana Rebpublic, Shoes: BCBG

Not bad for $2!

Never Give Up!

Hi ladies,

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day and staying out of the hot weather! I am feeling a “certain kinda way” today! While fashion is my passion, I believe that motivating and encouraging others is my purpose (there is a difference) and so my goal is to find ways to blend the two. I woke up today feeling encouraged to really PUSH for the things I want in my life and I hope you all are feeling the same.

As women, we often get tangled up in the daily struggles of being mom, employee, wife and so many other things, that we tend to lose focus on other things that really matter to us; our own personal dreams!

I want you to know that despite whatever obstacles you face, you can over come them. Not for one second should you ever believe that you’re not smart enough, you’re too old, you’re not skinny enough, you’re not pretty enough and certainly don’t ever believe that you’re not good enough!

Robin Thicke has a song on his most recent album called “Never Give Up! I LOVE this son and encourage you to check out this video. And remember: whatever it is you want to be, do or to have, you can HAVE, DO and BE it! Never give up!


Pinstripes and Cap Toe!

The majic of hemming tape! A few weeks ago, I nabbed this pinstriped dress from the Good Will Outlet here in Charlotte. I love the way it buttons up to the shoulder on the side. I added this gold belt (again) to add a little flare! This also a piece that I restructured. The length was a little past the knees. Look what some scissors and a little hemming tape can do. For future pieces, I’ll be sure to do a before and after so you guys can get the full effect. What do you think?

Dress: thrifted, Shoes: Ivanka Trump, Earrings: thrifted, bracelet: Forever 21


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